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Question asked by Jennifer:

What kinds of activities do you do with your students for the Vendée? asked by Jennifer, 6th grade teacher


Hi Jennifer,

Lorraine LeoI choose one topic  from the blog or podcast and combine it with a skill or application that we are learning in technology classes. For example, on December 23rd, Rich wrote about an albatross that landed on his boat. Can you imagine what that was like? We read the entry together and watched his video of the albatross from January 1st.

Then students in fourth grade created Kid Pix images and a Voicethread about the albatross with information that they learned. Kindergartners listened to the fourth graders Voicethread and created their version

Third graders used Kid Pix to write and illustrate a paragraph from the viewpoint of the albatross.

Fifth and sixth graders used GA3 boat speed data and a Vendée Globe Skippers' Roster to create spreadsheets and charts. They've also used Google Earth to plot the latitude and longitude of the Great American III.

The Teacher's Guide has some great suggestions about working with the content. I look forward to hearing about other projects that students and teachers are working on

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