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Question asked by Carolyn:

Why do people’s dreams change as they get older? I’d bet that you didn’t dream of sailing in Vendée Globe when you were four years old. What were your dreams when you were younger and why do you think they changed? - asked by Emily, in Carolyn Shield's classroom


No, I didn't even dream of sailing in the Vendée Globe 5 years ago! I knew about the race, but it was too long and too hard. But with our sitesALIVE school programs, it seemd that the time had finally come, with more computers in schools, to be able to make a global school program off this global event. This for me was the motivating dream, not sailing the race. That latter was the personal challenge, but it was also what would feed the content for the sitesALIVE program for geography, science, math, and other academic subjects.

I think that as you get older, you are exposed to different things, and so your interests and curiousity changes, and so it is natural that your dreams would change.

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