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Question asked by Neal:

Where did you go to school, and why did you decide to become a doctor? Is being an emergency doctor harder than being a regular doctor? asked by Samantha


Answer by Dr. Brien Barnewolt, Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine, Tufts Medical Center

Dr. Brient BarnewoltAfter college at San Jose State University, I spent four years at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago earning my MD degree. After that, I spent another four years learning the specialty of Emergency Medicine at the UCSF Fresno-San Joaquin Valley Medical Education Program. I’ve been to state schools, private schools, big city programs and rural areas throughout my training. Now I see patients in Boston and teach at Tufts University.
Before becoming a doctor I was a molecular biologist and studied the insides of cells. While this was enjoyable, I thought studying how the body worked and then studying how to fix it when it didn’t work would be more fun. It’s great to help people and working in the emergency room can give you a great sense of accomplishment every day.
I don’t know if being an emergency doctor is harder than being another type of doctor, but I do know that I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I get to take care of all ages of kids and adults and no matter who or what comes through our doors, I can usually help make them feel better. That is both rewarding and fun!

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