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(For Immediate Release) November 7, 2008: American Skipper Rich Wilson surprised fellow skipper Unai Basurko with a special gift onboard Pakea Bizkaia this morning.

Great American III skipper Rich Wilson presented a special edition of the book, The Basque History of the World, by Mark Kurlansky, to Basurko.

The book, written by Wilson’s close friend, explores the long-overlooked tale of Basque history, culture and language.

Wilson penned a farewell message to Basurko in the book’s cover page, wishing the skipper of the Pakea Bizkaia good luck and best wishes on their long voyage.

“I only wish the best of luck for my fellow skipper,” said Wilson on the pontoons to reporters today. “We are both making the most incredible journey. And this book, written by a close friend of mine, is a token of my hopes for a safe voyage.”