• Love, Act, Discover and Innovate
    by Dr. Dava Newman, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems My motto for teaching aerospace biomedical engineering at MIT is “Love, Act, Discover, and Innovate”, and this motto has
  • Following a Dream
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper Great American III The Vendée Globe race instructions state simply: start at Les Sables d’Olonne (France), leave Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) to port, leave Cape Leeuwin
  • Marine Transportation
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper Great American III Looking at our chart explains the parade of ships that I saw last nightby their lights, and heard the night before on our radar alarm.
  • Women in the Maritime Industry
    by Laura Mirabella, Shipping Broker The maritime industry can be a challenging and rewarding field for women. Thirty years ago it was difficult for women to break into this industry. In
  • Preparation is Everything
    by Dr. Brien Barnewolt, Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine, Tufts Medical Center Proper preparation is everything. On board Great American III Rich has an extensive first aid kit, and he knows
  • An 18-Year Anniversary
    by Captain Murray Lister, former Master, New Zealand Pacific Eighteen years ago Rich and I initially met when, on 22 November 1990, the first Great American capsized 400 miles West of Cape Horn in
  • Equator Crossing
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper Great American III For a mariner, crossing the equator – the Line – is a major event. The tradition for a first-timer is an onboard ceremony where the
  • Dead Reckoning
    by Dava Sobel, author of Longitude Skipper Rich will soon cross the Equator, 0º latitude, the great dividing line between Earth’s northern and southern hemispheres. Having traveled from 46º30´N at the start,
  • Environment: Water & Air
    By Rich Wilson, Aboard Great American III What better symbol could there be for the interconnectedness of the world than the Vendée Globe, a non-stop around-the-world sailing event? As a skipper in
  • Asthma at Sea
    By Dr. Chris Fanta, Brigham & Women’s Hospital While the challenges that Rich Wilson and the skippers of Vendée Globe face are enormous—managing a large sailing vessel by yourself, day after
  • Who’s Really Invisible?
    by Eric Wallischecke, US Merchant Marine Academy Although Skipper Rich refers to the land that he is passing as “invisible”, I think it really is the ocean that is invisible. A
  • Invisible Places
    by Skipper Rich Wilson, aboard Great American III In this race around the world, we will pass many places and peoples. Some will be nearby, as were Spain, Morocco, and the Cape
  • Essay – Antarctica
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III The turning mark in the Vendée Globe is Antarctica. We will not see this cold continent as we circumnavigate it, but we will be
  • The Southern Ocean
    by Sam Scott, Associate Curator, Peabody Essex Museum Turn your globe on its head so that the continent of Antarctica is at the top. Notice the ring of ocean that
  • Climate Change
    by Rich WIlson, Skipper, Great American III In the last two days here in the Indian Ocean, we have been hammered by two severe storms with near-hurricane-force winds and mountainous seas.
  • Antarctic Ice Shelves
    by Jan Witting, Faculty, Sea Education Association Rich is alone in an endless landscape of waves, traveling the world’s oceans with occasional sightings of seabirds, flying fish, and whales. For
  • Antarctica
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III The turning mark in the Vendée Globe is Antarctica. We will not see this cold continent as we circumnavigate it, but we will be
  • Teamwork & Perseverance
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III The day before the start of the Vendée Globe I saw Yann Eliès riding on his bike, standing on the pedals, with his young daughter
  • Overcoming Physical Limitations
    by Marti Shea, Select Fitness When Rich started the race, he had a fitness plan in place to maintain his physical strength. When he broke his rib early in the race
  • Midpoint
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III The midpoint of the voyage, estimated by time or mileage or geography, offers a symbolic chance for reflection on what we have accomplished, or not,
  • A History of Cape of Good Hope
    by Capt. Murray Lister, Master, MV Cape York Rich and Great American III have passed The Cape of Good Hope and are now on passage across the Southern Indian Ocean, not being known
  • The Auckland Islands
    by Captain Murray Lister Rich and Great American III continue their passage, currently South of Tasmania, Australia. These waters also have seen the wakes of hundreds of sailing vessels as the countries of
  • Wildlife
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III Halfway around the world, through the Atlantic, Indian, and now Pacific Oceans, we have seen a diverse array of wildlife. Porpoises have played in the
  • Learning from Animals
    by Ioannis Miaoulis, President and Director, Museum of Science, Boston Rich’s Ship Logs reveal an extraordinary variety of marine life including sea birds, porpoises, flying fish, tiny shrimp, and squid. As
  • Home Only to the Brave
    by Captain Murray Lister Rich Wilson and Great American III have passed below New Zealand, sighting the Auckland, Bounty and Antipodes Islands. The passage across the great Southern Ocean is currently being undertaken.
  • Forces of Nature
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III Take a globe. Center it in your gaze at 15° South latitude, 155° West longitude. Look at all that Pacific Ocean! The Pacific is huge,
  • The Gulf Stream
    by Captain Murray Lister Nature gives the world so many variations of force and climate. Think of the tides, rain, snow, wind, ice, hurricanes and typhoons. Let us now consider the
  • Resource Depletion
    By Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III Each boat in the Vendée Globe is an example of resource management and depletion. We bring food, fuel, spare sails, spare electronics, extra epoxy and
  • Sustaining Our Fisheries
    By Dr. Ambrose Jearld, Jr., Fisheries Biologist, National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA As Rich sails across the world’s oceans he may see occasional sharks or whales, but he will not see
  • Decision Making
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III Prior to the start of the Vendée Globe race, there were hundreds of decisions made: which boat to use, which qualifying race to sail,
  • Decisions At Sea
    by Rich du Moulin, Owner, Intrepid Shipping We all have to make decisions in our lives, many of them important to our friends, families, and ourselves. Rich has had to make
  • Defining Success
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III For Michel Desjoyeaux, success in the Vendée Globe is winning the race, which he has just done for the second time with an extraordinary
  • A successful education program
    by Lorraine Leo, Technology Teacher, Newton, Massachusetts Rich entered the Vendée Globe race in part for the challenge of the race, but mainly for the opportunity to create an education program
  • The next expedition
    by Scott Hamilton, Investment Advisor, Explorer When an expedition comes to an end, I don’t really miss much except for my comrades. There is a huge sense of relief when I
  • Being at sea
    by Rich Wilson, Skipper, Great American III Last week, the moon rose just after sunset, bright and full, flaunting its perfect geometry. Ringed as I am by 360 degrees of horizon, I