Prof. Dava Newman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Professor of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems
Technology and Policy ProgramHarvard-MIT Health, Sciences and Technology
Bio-Engineering Systems Focus Area, MIT Portugal Program 

Dr. Newman received her Ph.D. in Aerospace Biomedical Engineering from MIT. Her expertise is in multidisciplinary research that combines aerospace biomedical engineering, human-in-the-loop modeling, biomechanics, human interface technology, life sciences, systems analysis, design and policy. Dr. Newman’s research studies are carried out through space flight experiments, ground-based simulations, and mathematical modeling. Current research efforts include: advanced space suit design, dynamics and control of astronaut motion, mission analysis, and engineering systems design and policy analysis. She also has ongoing efforts in assistive techologies to augment human locomotion here on Earth.

Dr. Newman is the author of Interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design, an introductory engineering textbook with accompanying CD-ROM, published by McGraw-Hill, Inc. in 2002. She has also published more than 100 papers in journals and refereed conferences.

Dr. Newman received her BS degree from the University of Notre Dame and SM degrees in 1989 from MIT’s Technology and Policy Program and department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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Recent Paper presented at the 2004 Engineering Systems Symposium:
Co-Author of Submitted Paper “To Reduce or to Extend a Complex Engineering System Design Lifetime? What is at Stake, for Whom, and How to Resolve the Dilemma