Great American III is an Open 60, designed by Bernard Nivelt and built and sailed by Thierry Dubois with the name Solidaires. Thierry sailed the boat in the Vendee Globe 2000, in the Around Alone in 2002. In 2004, the boat was sailed by Patrice Carpentier in the Vendee Globe 2004.

Rich Wilson sailed the boat ‘en solitaire’ to the United States in 2006, where the boat began a 10-month refit project at Maine Yacht Center in Portland, Maine. Work included substantial bow repairs; removal and modification of the canting keel; rehab of the engine; total replacement of the electrical system as well as a new deck layout with a new pedestal. Boat Specifications:

Length Over All 60’
Waterline Length 60’
Beam 17’
Draft 14.5’
Displacement 8.5 tons
Mast Height 85’

Open 60

Designed for speed and durability, the Open 60 is one of the fastest boats in sailing. Made of carbon-fiber or fiberglass, the boats represent an “open” design, which must meet specific requirements, addressing boat length and keel.

The Open 60’s have few comforts for the single-handed skipper. Much time is spent much in the “crash” seat, which separates the open cockpit and deck from the navigation work station. An elaborate computer and electronic system allows the sailor to navigate solo and communicate to shore as needed.

Stability requirements include a canting keel, which allows the skipper to right the boat without the assistance of waves.

All Open 60’s which race in the Vendee Globe and other major sailing events must be certified by IMOCA, the International Monohull Open Classes Association (IMOCA). Certification requires measurement and stability tests prior to acceptance to major Open 60 events worldwide.