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Boat Q&A
Why did you want to sail? How long have you been sailing for? asked by Kiri, Hawkesdale, Australia02/14
How much food did you have to bring on that 100 day trip? What if you run out of food before you get to the finish line? How is it to be on a boat for as long as you are now? 02/14
How many sailors are participating in Vendee Globe this year, and what countries are they from? 02/14
If you barely have time to sleep, then how do you have time to type all of the reviews?02/14
Hey Rich…BT here…How do you manage electricity for all of your needs: the auto pilot, email/videos, navigation instruments, lights, etc. 02/14
Have you encountered any unusual marine life? asked by Mitchell Enrichment, Gadsden, AL02/14
Have you so far had any serious conditions about your boat?02/14
My class would like to know what you do for entertainment.02/14
What do you find most difficult to cope with during this race, and on the other hand what do you most enjoy ?02/14
What or who inspired you to enter the race?02/14
I read your ships log daily. Can you explain what the following means: 2005utc 44/26s 118/41w02/14
Hi Rich, Your journey is awe inspiring. In your logs you reference “ice gates” at various times. Just what is an “ice gate?” Best of luck the rest of the way!02/14
Why do people’s dreams change as they get older? I’d bet that you didn’t dream of sailing in Vendée Globe when you were four years old. What were your dreams when you were younger and why do you think they changed? – asked by Emily, in Carolyn Shield’s classroom02/14
What do the shore support crew do? I saw Brian Harris and Rick Williams listed on the web site, but wondered how they help you while you are at sea? – asked by Frances, from Carolyn Sheild’s classroom 02/14
Are you familiar with or do you ever use a sextant to confirm your positions?02/14
What are some things you have to keep in mind to survive out there? – Vishwesh02/14
What is it like to wake up in the morning in the middle of the ocean? –  Emma02/14
How long did you have to train for this race? What did you do to qualify for this race? – Erin02/14
Rich, How’s your mainsail holding up after 70+ days?02/14
How bad do you miss your family and friends? If you could take one person with you, who would it be and why?02/14
If you were to go to a school after the race what would you tell them?02/14
Rich, in the ship’s log you wrote about thunderheads. What are they, and are they dangerous?- Kira from Carolyn Sheild’s classroom02/14
A-hoy it’s Primary 4/5 from St James’s Primary School in Paisley, Scotland are learning all about The Vendee Globe Challenge. Today we were learning all about the Katadyn POWERSURVIVOR 40-E and how it works. We would like to know what you would do if it broke- do you have spare parts on board the boat or do you have a back-up supply of fresh water? Hope you enjoy the rest of your sailing02/14
To Rich: I saw the food section on the web site and wondered: Do you ever get sick of eating the same food? What one food will you eat when you get back home that you’ve missed while at sea? – asked by Gina, from Carolyn Sheild’s classroom 01/23
Why did you want to sail? How long have you been sailing for? Kiri, Hawkesdale, Australia12/30
Where do you poop?12/30
Do you get to speak with your family back home in Massachusetts at all? If so, how often? 12/30
Have you seen any sharks? asked for Emma, age 412/30
Hello everybody. Seeing Rich’s video (find it in Previous Videos on the Videos page), I wonder if these are buddhist prayer flags on the portside stern section? I wish you well, Matthias Steingass, Zuerich.12/16
When you’re very tired, it’s not safe to do many things such as drive a car. You do not seem to get much sleep so how do you stay safe and make important decisions when you’re so tired? Year 6/7 Room 2 Ardross Primary, Western Australia12/12
My students would like to know what you eat on the boat? Can you heat your food? How do you brush your teeth or shower?12/12
How did you prepare the race? asked by Gonçalo, 16, Azores, Portugal11/21
I noticed that the Great American III is made of carbon fiber. How does your vessel handle compared to similar vessels that are made of aluminum or any other traditional materials?11/21
How do you go get to sleep? Asked by Lachie, Hawkesdale, Australia11/14
Are you nervous? Asked by Sara, 16, Azores, Portugal11/14
How do you get fresh water? Asked by Steph, Hawkesdale, Australia11/14
What does he eat on the voyage, and does he do a lot of fishing at sea? asked by Timmy, Wakefield, MA
Expert Q&A
Are Rich’s sleeping patterns OK? asked by Neal02/10
How does a sextant work? How does it tell you where you are? Can you use them on land? asked by Charles02/10
Two skippers talked about losing their keel. What is a keel and how does it work? And why is a broken keel so bad for a boat? asked by Jan M.02/10
I’m doing a project on Cape Horn. Do you have pictures or paintings of Cape Horn that you can send me? If you don’t have anything of Cape Horn, can you send pictures of other sea scenes? asked by Sean L.02/10
In one of your articles, you said that you don’t get to go to sea much anymore. Why? And what do you like about going to sea? Denise, 7th grade02/10
Where did you go to school, and why did you decide to become a doctor? Is being an emergency doctor harder than being a regular doctor? asked by Samantha02/10
Where did the maritime rule come from that you always go the aid of another mariner in trouble?02/10
Can climate change affect the race?01/30
Is it harder for Skipper Rich to sail this race because he’s older than the other sailors?01/30
Have you been in outer space? What’s it like?01/30
How good are the wind battery chargers on Great American III? Should we use something like them in our homes? asked by Jenna01/30
My dad says that pirate still exist. Is that true? asked by Mitchell01/30
Does Rich have to do exercises on Great American III to stay in shape? asked by Erin01/30
My first question is how did you become a National Marine Fisheries Service worker? What do you do during your work time?01/30
What kinds of activities do you do with your students for the Vendée? asked by Jennifer, 6th grade teacher01/30
How often does it rain in the rainforest?01/30