Does Rich have to do exercises on Great American III to stay in shape? asked by Erin


Hi Erin, I have given Rich numerous exercises to do on a daily basis while he is out on the ocean. The last time he completed such a long journey his legs atrophied. Atrophy is a word that means the muscles lose visible size that results in strength loss. To prevent atrophy from occurring, thus preventing Skipper Rich from getting weaker as his journey continues, we went over different exercises he could do on the boat. On a daily basis he will be doing squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises by using his own body weight and bands that are easily adjustable and easy to attach to something on the boat. We are hoping that Skipper Rich will not lose as much strength in his lower body as he did the last time from not using his legs and from being in a stagnant position (meaning being in one place for long periods of time). I am very confidant that his fitness level before his competition coupled with his daily routine on the boat will keep him in good shape. Great question Erin. I hope this answers it clearly for you. Marti Shea