Question asked by Neal:

I’m doing a project on Cape Horn. Do you have pictures or paintings of Cape Horn that you can send me? If you don’t have anything of Cape Horn, can you send pictures of other sea scenes? asked by Sean L.


Answered by Samuel Scott, Peabody Essex Museum

We don’t have any good paintings of Cape Horn itself, but I think that this painting by Herbert Everett really captures the awsome power of the ocean at far southern lattitudes. It’s titled Sixty Degrees South and is in the collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. Click on the image to see the a biggler image. I sure that Rich would be able to relate to the sweeping swells and vast skies this work portrays (Credit: Herbert Barnard John Everett (1876–1949), British, Sixty Degrees South, ca. 1930, Oil on canvas, Courtesy National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, BHC2451)