Question asked by Ghislaine:

A-hoy it’s Primary 4/5 from St James’s Primary School in Paisley, Scotland are learning all about The Vendee Globe Challenge. Today we were learning all about the Katadyn POWERSURVIVOR 40-E and how it works. We would like to know what you would do if it broke- do you have spare parts on board the boat or do you have a back-up supply of fresh water? Hope you enjoy the rest of your sailing


We have two full sets of gaskets and seals for the desalinator, and it was serviced by the official service center before we left. I run it every time that we charge the batteries, and try to keep our 88-liter fresh water tank close to full, so that if we had a desalinator problem, we’d at least have a supply to get us to a solution. Also, we have a hand desalinator for the life raft, that we could use. And as well, if it is the motor that fails on the desalinator, we have a lever arm that can be used to pump the seawater through the membrane.

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