Question asked by Rachael:

Have you so far had any serious conditions about your boat?


So far we’re doing pretty well; no serious problems. But there is a list if things that need tending to:

We have some leaks up forward, and so I bail every other day.

We’ve had multiple software glitches in the computer that requires it to be shut down and re-started fairly often.

One of the tubes holding the keel sheaves is turning in its socket, so I straighten back to its proper orientation with a gigantic set of channel locks, by jamming the hook end into the tube and turning.

Our backup wind instruments are not working.

Our radar has a strange glitch wherein sometimes it transmits and sometimes it just looks as though its transmitting, but its not.

Our external camera system is not working, so I’ve been using a handheld camera to take video beyond the navigation station.

The low gear on our utility winch in the cockpit is not catching all its pawls. I may try to service it if we get proper calm weather.