Question asked by BT:

Hey Rich…BT here…How do you manage electricty for all of your needs: the auto pilot, email/videos, navigation instruments, lights, etc.


Great American III has a Yanmar 27.5 hp diesel engine with a 165 amp Balmar alternator for the house bank of 525 amp-hours AGM (Advanced Glass Mat) batteries. We also have 5 solar panels at 2.5 amps each, plus a windcharger which when the wind is adequate, can run the whole boat. We have 450 liters of diesel, but so far are being very efficient with fuel because of the contributions of the solar and wind inputs. We use about 10-12amps/hour for the general needs of pilot, lights, and navigation equipment. The Fleet 77 telephone/data system is the big energy consumer at about, I believe, 12 amps.