by Scott Hamilton, Investment Advisor, Explorer

Scott Hamilton

When an expedition comes to an end, I don’t really miss much except for my comrades. There is a huge sense of relief when I arrive back in a place that is warm, safe, dry, and where I no longer feel a constant element of great danger. And, of course, I enjoy the many conveniences we take for granted like hot water, flush toilets, a clean bed with sheets, electricity, heat, and stores filled with fresh foods.

But after a period of rest and recovery, life back in civilization starts to seem a little dull and boring compared to the excitement of being on an expedition. When you are on an expedition, all your senses are alive and each and every day is an adventure. You get to experience encounters with nature that most people can only dream about: spectacular sunrises, huge storms, wild creatures in their natural habitat, and majestic peaks sticking up like islands above the clouds.

Being on an expedition is a mental challenge because you have to rely on your experience and judgment to solve the problems that inevitably arise. It is challenging indeed, but it is also very rewarding. After a while, life back in civilization starts to seem too easy, and I find myself craving the adventure, excitement, learning, and camaraderie that come with exploring. That is when I start planning the next expedition.