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What does he eat on the voyage, and does he do a lot of fishing at sea? asked by Timmy, Wakefield, MA


We have planned for 120 days at 6,000 calories per day. A big trimaran attempting an around the world record targeted 5500 calories, but they had a 10 man crew, so solo I’ll need more. In the past, we’ve aimed at 5,000 calories and I always lost about 15 pounds. We have home-cooked granola for breakfast, foil wrapped chicken breasts or salmon steaks for lunch, freeze-dried dinners from Mountain House,  Ramen noodles for midnight. The aim is 4 big meals daily, every 6 hours. In between, lots of snacks, including Fig Newtons. To drink, juices, plus 2 glasses of Ensure daily plus one glass of Nido whole milk daily. 

One thing I learned from my trainer Marti Shea last winter was to eat immediately after exercise. So with the snacks, if I have a big sail change completed, I’ll eat 500 calories right away to feed the tired muscles.

The boat is usually going fast, so I can’t fish. If the boat is going slowly, I’m trying to make it go fast, so I can’t fish then either!