by Marti Shea, Select Fitness

When Rich started the race, he had a fitness plan in place to maintain his physical strength. When he broke his rib early in the race that plan evaporated. Instead, it was replaced by a plan to limit Rich’s movement to allow the rib to heal quickly. Will the residual affects of the broken rib be a loss in overall strength and compromise his performance on the boat? The answer to this question, I believe, is no.

High-level athletic achievers like Rich Wilson have certain traits that make them successful. These traits include tenacity, perseverance, focus, dedication and the ability to make sacrifices to reach their goals. Rich has endured excruciating rib and back pain. He has not quit. He has not given up in the face of immense adversity.

The lesson we can all learn from Rich is that success can be achieved by having a dream, setting goals, working hard to achieve those goals, being confidant, and not giving up. He has prepared himself for the race mentally, physically and emotionally. When his body broke down, his mind took over.

As the race continues, Rich will find the physical strength to continue on because of his mental and emotional strength. Rich is enjoying this remarkable voyage, and he is equally enjoying sharing with all of us his dream. Rich now is leading by example, and this example will give others the courage and faith to strive to achieve their dreams.