33/06N 14/01W, Wind NE @ 18 kts, boatspeed 12 kts. Worked considerably today on the autopilot setups. This race is between sailors, but also between boatbuilders, sailmakers, riggers, and the autopilots. I found that I couldn’t carry the sail that I thought I should be able to carry, because the pilot couldn’t hold the boat if it started to broach. Thus we were giving away speed. After much reading in the manual, and a consultation with our electronics advisor ashore, I made two adjustments. Both seemed improvements, and I went back into the program and changed the two settings again. There are three parameters that have four settings, and two other parameters with infinite settings, so a wide variety of settings are possible. As much as it is science, and data recording, getting the autopilot right also seems like an art. We have more speed now, and more potential speed, so we’ll see in the next day or so if I can catch up a bit.

I went up with the full main and added a bit of cant to the keel to compensate. The hoisting of the main is very painful for my back, so I have to be very careful. Hopefully, it will continue to improve. I’m in daily contact with our Emergency Medicine specialist, Dr. Brien Barnewolt, and he is giving me good counsel and advice.