28/40N 15/23W, 1520Z, 22kts wind at ENE, course 180T, at 14 knots, solent and 1 reef in mainsail. Heading to pass Gran Canaria Island in the Canary Islands just to the east so as not to sail through her lee on the other side, and to not sail downwind slowly. Yet we do sacrifice some mileage to the west, so not sure if this is the right choice.

Spoke with Dr. Brien Barnewolt last night at Tufts Medical Center in Boston again, for our daily info session on my back. The conclusion is a cracked rib sustained during the tumult of Day 2 of the race when I was thrown across the cabin and fetched up on a 1″ diameter hand rail. The pain makes pulling ropes and grinding winches difficult, so sail changes must be done very deliberately, to reduce pain. Non-essential jobs on the boat have not been done, again to reduce pain. The plan is to sail the boat and try to give it time to start healing.

There is a little low forming to the south of the Canaries, so the next day or so for strategy will be confusing. The boat is sailing well, her skipper is hopefully recovering, and we’re heading onward.