13/25N 24/31 W, about 100 nm south of Cape Verde Islands. Genaker (biggest jib) and one reef in the mainsail. Making about 11 knots in 16 knots of NE wind. Noticed that the port tube that holds the sheaves that control the keel had rotated on its axis and moved slightly out of its position. Remembered that when serviced, sledge hammers were involved. I was nervous that perhaps I could not get it back to where it is supposed to be. But after consultation with the experts at Maine Yacht Center, Brian Harris and Will Rooks, I was able to twist and push it back to where it was before it moved. Not sure if the end caps will keep it in place, but it will be just one more thing on the long list to keep an eye on.

Porpoises came by this morning in the dark, no dummies they, they don’t jump on the boat like the flying fish. If in daylight, would have taken some video. Great to have them alongside for a while.

Have split with Pakea since we gybed to the west last night, and then back south this afternoon. We’ll see who was either right or lucky.

Slightly overcast skies, will be a dark night.