1400z, 36/45S 11/18 W, 296.2 nautical miles sailed in last 24 hours, 11.9 kts, surges to 20, staysail and 2 reefs in the main, 25-30kts wind, clear skies. Trying to hover between the edge of the high and the strong gradient, to get less of the strong winds. Have hanked on storm jib (clipped the sail onto the forward stay) in anticipation. Building seas, albatross around at a distance.

Map of Tristan de Cunha

Passed to north of Tristan de Cunha group of islands. A favorite sailing author, Tristan Jones, Welshman, was born aboard a cargo ship passing by these islands, thus his first name. Sound from keel has ameliorated, must have been a bit of fairing that is now gone. Ran desalinator this morning, have full tank of fresh water. Got some sleep in real bunk last night again, delicious.

Understand Unai Basurko has rudder problem, confident he’ll get it fixed soon and be back pressing, noticed on 4:00am classement rating that he had slowed considerably, learned later of rudder issue.