No position 0930z (covered 255 nautical miles in last 24 hours), but I’m OK. Beacon problem i guess. Under storm jib alone, no mainsail, another 50 knots of wind not forecasted on charts; did broach then crash gybe this morning with pilot, terrible big seas, boom into runners, they held, grabbed helm, crash gybed back, then trimmed in storm jib to go upwind to let me lower 3rd reef  mainsail to boom, no mainsail now, tied down. Only storm jib. Had to gybe for Iles Crozet, but now think it might have been good to have gone north side side. Barometer going down again as I approach big center of the low. Good news is the file shows less wind there, but bad new is there’s more wind when the back side of the low comes along, and I don’t know what that means. I had 45 to 50 knots of wind when it showed 25 to 30. So what happens when it shows 35 to 40 knots?