46/30S 87/25E, 35-45knots wind, 3 reefs in mainsail, no jib, 11 knots speed at 055T. Distance covered the past 24  hours: 241.5 nautical miles. Hammered yet again, big seas breaking, barograph descended, then steadied as front came through with gradual windshift, not sudden. Had nice conversation w/Jonny Malbon today, he has 50 knots, a bit further south by position and ahead of us. 

Rolled up staysail a few hours ago when we hit 23 knots down a wave, too much stress, on rig, boat, and skipper. 

Had Auto ID System close encounter a while ago. I’d been keeping an ActivEcho watch to detect other radars, but no alert from that. Must switch to active radar watch. Called Jonny to let him know that there are ships in the area. 

Harrowing sea conditions. With just mainsail, boat is less stable directionally than if we had a jib up front, but wanted to try this as rolling up the staysail is much simpler, and its working so far. Heading NE to try to get a little northing in, to be further from center of next low in a few days. Will go that way for a while before gybing for the next ice gate off SW Australia.