1905 UTC, 45/54S 95/02E, 10.9 knots speed 25 knots wind WSW, 11007 nm on log, solent and 3 reefs in the main. 

Big seas today with winds 30/35/40. Same as last night. The seaway was very impressive. Spent time toning up desalinator today, snugging hose clamps, un-crimping corners of tubing, as we have a fairly long run to get seawater to the unit. Noticed a difference right away, at least a sensory difference, in that I’ve likely sailed nearly 150,000 miles listening to the units, and you can tell a difference pretty quickly.

As the barograph gradually rose, and the high eventually expanded to fill in behind the low, we got blue sky and sunshine. Should I/shouldn’t I, take a shower in the cockpit? Eventually, go for it, its very cold, but the sun is out and it makes you think its warmer than it is. The solar shower bag didn’t have time to heat the water–it was direct from the tank, which, with a long desalinator session today, was direct from the ocean at 7.9 degrees Celcius (46 degrees Fahrenheit). This was a brisk shower. Then a change of clothes. It was first time since the Atlantic (it’s just the way it is out here folks!) and oh did that feel good. 

Received an email from our medical doctor in Boston, Dr. Barnewolt, who suggested in light of Yann Elies situation that I move certain medications, etc., from our stowed medical kit to a location adjacent the chart table. Having immediate access to food/water/painkillers, antibiotics, etc., would be an improved situation. Did that. Had a nice chat with Jonny Malbon again and this evening, we ticked over 11,000 miles.