1046z 47/06s 105/08e. Distance covered in last 24 hours: 264.1 nautical miles. Passed west Australia ice gate this morning. 45-50 knots of wind again, for duration, grib files are off by 10-15-20 knots continually, 20-25 foot breaking seas, 3rd reef main, no jib thru night, then 3rd reef plus storm jib, now just storm jib, making 8-10knots, giving away miles, trying to save boat, hit 23 knots with 3rd reef main, no jib, doesn’t help finishing.

Emails with folks back home quite emotional. I’m almost exacdtly on the opposite lat/long of the planet from Boston!

Have a nice Christmas Eve all.



Note from Rich to Vendee Globe staff:

Dear Denis, Julian, Mathias, Marko,

Thanks for your concern and good wishes on this Christmas Eve. In any race, it’s nice when the organizers truly care about the competitors, each and every one of them. And for this most challenging race the Vendee Globe, I, out here alone, feel truly that you all are back there pulling for me, taking every wave hit as I am, and that gives me a good feeling. Weather files suggest 4 more days of this hard weather. Have developed a nice Iridium chat bond with Jonny Malbon; he’s getting hammered too, and that’s nice because I’ve a brother-in-arms out here.

Merry Christmas to all- Joyeux Noel a tous,