1125 utc 48/14s 110/29e, 8.2 knots under storm jib awaiting new low. Distance covered during last 24 hours: 264.1 nautical miles. Thought would be very careful tonight, 40 knots now, baro 987 and descending. Bailed 8 buckets out of forward 3 compartments this afternoon–amazing that water gets through all best efforts to keep it out. With main down and amidships, was able to inspect and improve the lashings i did hanging out on the end of the boom while sailing, a lot easier to do it from the deck!

Had a variety of presents for Christmas put aboard by friends, and had several great Iridium calls with friends back home, and will call my mother and sister in a few hours. Called Derek and Jonny to wish Merry Christmas and had nice chat with each. We’ve got a little group going, and it feels good to be not so alone. Recorded a holiday greeting video for the VG website, took forever to upload–likely every ship in the Indian Ocean is on INMARSAT today with all crews calling home.

Best wishes to all, and Merry Christmas.