0530 utc  51/26S 150/59E, 11.6 knots at 085T, solent and one reef in the mainsail, SW wind at 20 knots.

Earlier this morning, after a night of 15-18 knots of wind, a squall suddenly came through with 38 knots of wind and hail and sleet. This made me a bit gun shy to hoist more sail for a while, as it laid the boat over pretty far. I was able to get outside, without foul weather gear, to release the mainsheet, and one of my down-below jackets got quite wet.

Spoke with Derek again today to say his new year will get happier, he is about 400 miles from Tasmania, goal is Hobart. And spoke with Jonny Malbon on Artemis again to wish him Happy New Year as well. He is about 100 miles ahead. Julian Hocken from the Race Office in Paris was nice enough to call and wish me a Happy New Year also, and we had a nice extended chat. Spoke also with my mother and sister back in Boston–that was a very emotional call, as I’m so far away on this special day.

Anticipating more wind and seas in the next day or so. Our next target is the New Zealand ice gate to the east of the south island. I look forward to talking with Murray Lister again when we get near New Zealand.