Janvier 2 2009, 0509utc 51/54S 158/26E 10.9 knots @ 106degT, staysail, 3 reefs in main, 25-30 knots sw wind, 15 foot seas building. Covered 268.4 nautical miles in the last 24 hours. Here we are again, 30 knots of wind, boat surfing to 18 knots under 2nd reef and staysail, so put in 3rd reef to slow the top end speeds to reduce risk, and it really didn’t make any difference, the boat still surfs to 18 knots, perhaps more occasionally. Another front coming through tomorrow, then we’ll gybe for the New Zealand ice gate. Hopefully we’ll be past Auckland Islands for that so we don’t gybe into them.

Albatross coming closer to the boat now, but not as close as the one that crash landed on the deck. One circles from leeward, comes up heading aft on the windward side, and just hangs there in one position relative to the boat, amazing. Haven’t had the camera at hand when he does this, perhaps camera shy.

When we finally gybe, it will be emotionally positive, as we’ll be heading partially north, and then each successive ice gate is further north, so hopefully the weather will be more steady and perhaps a bit less wind. Onward.