1651utc, 48/39S 136/31W, 6.2knots @ 135T, solent, 2 reefs, wind 8 knots SW. Distance covered in last 24 hours: 129 nautical miles. After making 10-11 knots since the ice gate, trying to outrace the approaching storm and intermediate no wind zone, we’ve been overtaken by the no wind zone, and the speed went from 12.5 at the start of a nap, to 3.0 in the middle of the nap, and the slatting sails and banging boat in the leftover sea woke me. Its the type of sea and wind situation where putting up the 1st reef or full main won’t help, it will only risk the rigging with the crashing and banging, stability is the goal, so we’ve headed up closer to the wind to try to make some apparent wind and get going. It seems to be working with a speed now of about 6 knots.

The latest weeather file suggests that maybe we will catch a break, and the low pressure system will elongate and partially diminish when it stretches and becomes two lows. It’s odd, it forced its way between two highs, and then the highs will squeeze back when the low is vulnerable and a long trough. It does leave that other low sitting there, perhaps able to recoup. It is very complicated forecast for getting to the next ice gate. But here, perhaps we can wrap around the front portion of the low as it goes by to the northeast of us heading southeast, and  hopefully the westerlies will reassert themselves and we can go along. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve stopped looking at the race for the time being, and am only looking at our situation with this low. Race office sent a weather warning for it. The wave forecasts show bad sea conditions, but mostly to our northwest, we have escaped that part possibly. Was concerned possibly about 3 icebergs for which the last gate was moved a bit north, but their drift (thanks to Race Office prompt reply – thanks Julian) shows that they will not be a concern. We have the radar going on a one minute in 10 watch.

It’s cold again. I did get some good naps in last night, and we’re making a bit of progress, so that’s good.