1108 utc  49/11s 128/48w 10.3 knots speed heading east , 25-28 knots SSE wind, staysail and 3 reefs. Distance traveled in last 24 hours: 176.8 nautical miles. Tried the storm jib when it got dark last night, but that slowed the boat from 10.5 to 7.5 knots, more than even I could accept (and I’m very conservative), so went back to staysail. Staysail is too big on the boat, need one smaller as there is too big of a gap between it and storm jib.

Now we’re in front part of new low being spun off of the main low. The forecast seems to change relatively significantly each iteration.

Had two naps just now, about one hour each, last one seemed like 10 minutes. Awaiting Radio Vacances call. I remember Andy (interviewer) said onece that I seem very calm each time we talked. I don’t feel very calm right now. Instead, I’m tense and stressed. There is a lot of load on the boat, and I’m very alone down here in the south and in the middle of the fleet. Trying to be very careful with everything.