2230 utc 45/46s 121/25w, 11 knots at 027T, storm jib and 3 reefs in the main. We are trying to get north, across the trough of the storm, and head out the other side toward the ice gate. We just can’t go to windward in the big seas and 35-40 knots of wind that we have, so we have to go a ciruitous route.

Reached 17,000 nautical miles on the log today.

Had nice chat with Steve White today; he’s making good speed toward the Horn.

I heard water sloshing around in the boat–maybe in compartment under cockpit. It’s difficult to get to, especially in high seas. I knew movement of the boat would be violent back there, so I wore helmet. Well, it was worse than violent. It was like the scene in Apollo 13 after the explosion–total chaos. I should have also had on other padding, especially the chest protector. I was lucky to escape with no injuries. I took out three buckets of water; there are a few more in there, but I could not finish as it was too dangerous.