1746utc 44/29S  113/30W, 10.3 knots speed at 077T, storm jib, 3 reefs in main, beam reaching, 30-45 knots wind across deck, again. 154 nm to next ice gate. Boat taking terrible pounding in 18-22 foot cross seas, breaking seas. Boat motion is violent, dangerous outside on deck, and dangerous inside also–must be braced in every direction at all times. I eased the keel cant some last night so that the boat would crash land more on her side than on her bottom, that seemed to help. To go into the engine/keel compartment for that adjustment, I felt it necessary to wear my helmet in case I got thrown across the compartment. With a winch, jammers, and a vise, all very hard objects that I might fetch up on, I could get hurt. Only about 2 hours sleep in last 40 or so, watching instruments, trying to think of anything I could do to ease the onslaught. I kept easing the mainsail out, until almost not bearing at all, and that seemed to help. The sea state is big and chaotic, and no sail adjustments are going to solve that.