1327 UTC  46/22S 105/55W, staysail, 3 reefs, 20 knots wind, 11.1 knots speed, on course for Cape Horn waypoint south of Diego Ramirez Island. Finally into the westerly winds. Some squalls through the night to 30 knots, boatspeed to 22 knots, too fast at this point, thus the 3 reefs. Reacher had been furled just before first set of squalls came through. Later in the night, lowered it and stowed it.

Well before the sun came up there was a gigantic white glow from the south, almost as if you could see the daytime daylight at the artic circle behind the cloud banks. Very unusual.

Sprung the port side gybe preventer block last night. It doesn’t quite lay straight from the padeye outside the lifeline, and the line got between the sheave and the side plate and just opened up the axle of he block. Will try to squeeze back together with the vise, but don’t think it will work.