1630utc 49/04s 100/50w, 11.5knots @ 095T, 30-35knots wind, again, WNW, storm jib, 3 reefs in main, big, big seas. Last night, napped at chart table, athwartships in boat, on cushions like a reclining chair, had on stocking cap, fleece balaclava on top of that, then 3 layers of down vest, jacket, jacket w/hood, so much cushioning on my head. Chaotic sea state w/20-25 foot swells, and smaller breaking seas in several trains, on top. While asleep, knocked by a wave out of the bench, which is about 1 meter off the floor, rotated from hips down and fell 1 meter directly onto the top of my head on the floor, head and neck took the direct impact, no blood, head hurts, neck hurts, called Dr. Barnewolt in Boston and spoke with him again, should start feeling less pain in 3 days, good to watch for any tingling in limbs (none), thought 1 meter fall OK for bone structure for head/neck, would know if fracture from severe pain (none), but do keep tabs on anything amiss in next days, he’ll call me back in 24 hours to check in. 

C’est un bon jour pour Les Etats Unis, et pour le monde, aujourd’hui, je pense. Felicitations, President Obama. Et maintenant, les travaux difficile  commencent.