1800utc, 54/41s 96/09w, 10.9 knots @ 136degT, staysail and 3 reefs in main. Had solent and 2 reefs up when I saw the blackest line of squalls, so hurriedly put in the 3rd reef and rolled up the solent, finishing about 30 seconds before the wind blast. Whew, that was close. Heading into the low to the south for a bit more, then will gybe to make easting.

Regarding yesterday’s climb, thanks to Hugues Riousse for thoughts on descenders, Pierre for his paragliding harness, Trip Lowell for his hockey elbow pads, Scott Hamilton for extra carabiniers, Bob Shotwell for the Leatherman, Jack Boye for the helmet. That was a big event for me.