What a difference a day makes! Crystal blue skies, sea down, wind down, drifting along first NE then tacked NW to get to new wind a bit earlier, had a shower in the cockpit, had a shave, washed hair (pretty shaggy, will have to cut it soon). I saw a small pod of whales cross our wake about 1/4 mile behind, one pretty big one, and an errant flying fish, heading south, all by himself. I shouted to him “Wrong way! The warm water is this way!”, but he paid me no mind.

Jonny Malbon called today, what a great guy. He’s taking a bit of time to de-stress from his Vendée Globe effort in the French Alps. Had a good chat, talked about wiring the other instruments on the deck somewhere. Really kind of him to call, and I greatly appreciate it.

Contemplated going aloft to try to replace one of the instrument sets, but I need to get back to a routine of better sleep and food before tackling that, if  indeed I decide to try it. We have a long way to go upwind, and the instrument steering is so much more efficient than compass steering. We’ll see, no commitment one way or the other.

Still off Buenos Aires, and the air IS good here. Sun was hot today, that is a first since we were in the South Atlantic so long ago. Re-read Jean-Yves Bernot’s notes from our seminar on the Brazilian coast. Going to school with the best is always worthwhile.

Still in awe of Michel’s effort. It’s an honor to be in the same race.