February 7, 2009 – 1300 UTC, 26/38S  37/03 W, 8.5 knots, staysail, one reef, 20 knots of wind NNW, came through trough last night. If you haven’t seen a South American thunderhead, you haven’t seen a thunderhead. Who knew the sky was that tall?! Totally intimidating in the moonlight, but we lucked out and didn’t get a lot of incremental wind to force sail changes.

This morning spoke to the M/V Protector, Captain Raz (India) in command, bound for Santos, Brazil, to Durban, South Africa for bunkering (take on fuel), then to Singapore to deliver its 40,000 tons of sugar. Had a nice chat on VHF with the good captain.

Felicitations, Armel, c’est un voyage fantastique que vous avez naviguez, bien fait.