2147 utc, 16/48S  37/25W,  9.0 kts @ 016T, solent and one reef. A long day of trying to point high on starboard tack up the coast to clear some shoals, and to get upwind to where the wind was supposed to shift to lift us. Seems as though it took forever, several days in fact, but finally did get across the last bank, and then got a lift so that for now at least we’re heading in the right direction. Should, according to weather files, have two days of workable weather, then not so sure. Anyway, the boat sailed well today, although at the moment the wind is lightening, not what we wanted for the night.

Had two pilot alarms today, always makes your heart skip five beats. Don’t know what caused them, but pilot seems OK right now.

Saw several fishing boats on the banks that we crossed. Also, a big ship coming up the coast this morning set off the radar detector which is good. Yet I’m surprised at how few ships we’ve seen, just the sugar carrier and this big ship in the dawn. We must be a bit too far offshore. Makes the sailing a bit simpler, but it’s nice to see ships at sea.

Very hot in the sun today, as we’re near where the sun is directly overhead. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds all day. In the morning, a cloud went by with a bit of rain in it that mostly missed us. As I watched it go downwind to leeward, I could see the raindrops falling into the water about 100-200 meters to leeward, and the water would then bounce up about eight inches, making a thick layer of water droplets. This was across an expanse of a few hundred meters. What was so remarkable was that I could see many, many horizontal, shimmering rainbows in the layer of droplets that were amazing and beautiful.

A few flying fish today, but none have come aboard.