1928 UTC, 4/44S 32/42W, 11.1 knots, 032T, staysail and two reefs in the mainsail, 20 knots ese wind, squally on approach toward equator.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Heading just outside Fernando Island, then change course to north true, with maybe a bit of west, toward where I think the doldrums/ITCZ will be narrow.

Yesterday, not fetching the coast up toward Recife, we tacked offshore, target 25 miles, tacked back when we reached that, and to deep discouragement, were still not fetching the corner of Brazil. Eventually, we got lifted a degree at a time until we were fetching (heading straight for) Recife. Then we put a few degrees in the bank as surplus, and then a few more. This morning, the southeast trades finally arrived, and we could head further to the northeast to get outside Fernando. Made good time finally cracked off and sheets started. I, in all good conscience and memory, cannot remember when we last had reaching conditions cracked off and sheets started.

It is hot, hot, hot. Cannot sit below, sauna like. Cannot sit under the cuddy because of the sun coming in under the overhang. Found myself sitting on the cockpit floor, trying to get out of the sun this afternoon.