2124 UTC, 6/13 N  34/36 W, 10.4 knots speed, compass at 346T, staysail, 3 reefs, keel full cant, 30 knots across deck, NE. Finally released from our private low pressure system that had clouded the skies and had bent the wind to a header of NNE to N. Wind now back to more normal, form the northeast. Also skies cleared somewhat, got a bit of sun in late afternoon, may get stars tonight, good for the spirits. Boat going fast, and pressed, still crashes off the waves. Going upwind is very hard on the boat. Tried to rest this afternoon. Got some dozing in, no real sleep, but it helped, will do same tonight.

Had good radio vacations today with Andy. Got a bit emotional recalling talking with my Mom over the weekend. She was the original adventurer in the family, and is an inspiration to me. I’m a long ways away from her for a long time with this race. Andy also had on Merf Owen, a long-time friend of mine, and designer of Dee Caffari’s Aviva, so we had a nice chat, too.

Other day, when we crossed the equator, had a nice chat, forgot to report, with captain of Grindanger, a Norwegian flag vessel, headed south to pick up 40,000 tons of paper for delivery to Belgium, mostly newsprint, smart looking ship, with cranes collected aft that could roll forward over the holds. Then later that night, at the equator, saw a brightly lit ship, holding station at 0 deg, 32.5 west, called him, but no answer. Must be some sort of research vessel.