2024 UTC, 28/33N 40/34W, 10.1 knots, 336 degrees. Weather patterns are not promising. As soon as we get to the high to wrap around, it dissipates, and a huge high starts to come in from far northwest, giving us northeast winds. Disappointing, to say the least. Just trying to get north, to get into flow of west to east systems. See no solution to the east, even though that is the direction of France.

Couldn’t get into bunk last night for sleep, got some at chart table, must have, because woke up to find boat aback, laying over on its side about 50 degrees, keel on wrong side, etc. Frequent wind shifts, I’d been keeping up with them with the pilot, that’s why I didn’t go into the bunk, but obviously missed the last one in my fatigue.